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Your Child's Potential.

This is an extremely important year for growth and development. Children may come to this class as awkward and egocentric toddlers but leave as independent and social preschoolers!

​The twos room is a larger room, with book corner, dramatic play, blocks and more, and a group of up to 10 children with 2-3 caring adults. Toilet training tends to be a major goal for this age group. We have a special toilet just the right size for training. Helping to support children when they are learning about self control, is another goal in this class. Teaching children correct early behavioral skills is an important part of the two year old curriculum.

Learning to share toys, becoming more independent and expanding on adult language are major skills for this group. Playing with playdough, puzzles, finger and hand games develop writing muscles. Singing songs, short circle time activities and listening to others, encourages group socializing and taking turns. Staff gear activities to guide children toward these goals.

Two's Program

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Achieving 5 STARS with the State of Vermont – In March 2014, Happy Days Playschool achieved 5 STARS accreditation with the State of Vermont. STARS (Step Ahead Recognition System) is Vermont’s system for recognizing quality licensed early childhood programs throughout the state. Five stars indicate an outstanding rating above and beyond regular licensing requirements and provides benefits for both providers and families.

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Five Star programs are outstanding in 5 areas;
licensing, staff qualifications, working with
families and communities, program practices and administration. 

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