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4 Stars

Achieving 4 STARS with the State of Vermont – STARS (Step Ahead Recognition System) is Vermont’s system for recognizing quality licensed early childhood programs throughout the state. Four STAR programs are established programs that have met several standards of quality in all five areas (compliance with regulations, staff qualifications and training, overall support of children, families and communities, assessment and improvement of the program and strength of program operating policies and business practices)

Happy Days Playschool

The program meets daily Monday-Friday after school at Happy Days. Staff members meet the Kindergarten through fifth grade students at Fisher school and walk them back to Happy Days. Sunderland students, ages five to twelve, also attend by bus.

Supervised activities include arts and crafts, games, group projects, cooking, computer time, occasional field trips, and both indoor and outdoor playtime. A snack is provided each afternoon and doing homework is an option. On snow days and school vacations we offer supervised activities for school age children 5-12 years old.

School agers can attend Camp Adventure at Happy Days each summer. 

School Age Program

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